Expert property management in New Zealand

We are a motivated residential property management company, offering a comprehensive portfolio of services including

Full and customised Residential Property Management

Full Maintenance Services - taking care of and enhancing your assets

Landscaping and Gardening Services

Interior and Exterior Cleaning Services


Principal's Profile

Francis Jong is the Principal of RedHot Property Management. He has been in the residential investment property market for a number of years, and owns investment properties himself. He has a background in banking and finance and is keen to offer advice in this area to assist clients develop their portfolio if required. Francis takes great pride in his profession and you'll find him easy to converse with. His goal is to work with you to ensure your needs are met, the return from your property (ies) maximises the opportunity in the market, and the rental assets are maintained overtime ensuring their continued cash flow.

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RedHot Property Management Ltd

We Offer


We are property investors ourselves, and look after all investment properties as if they were our own. We limit the number of properties per property manager to ensure the return and care of each property is maximised for the owner.


We have developed comprehensive yet flexible systems to manage client properties from the start of a tenancy to the end.

Landlord Focus

Our management systems focus on what's important to landlords.

Competitive Fees

We are not the dearest or cheapest and have set fees at a level that allows us to offer a quality range of services important to successful property management.


We have quality tradespeople available to fix every problem, and when required, to enhance properties - protecting revenue streams and property values.


We are able to communicate effectively with a wider range of investors and tenants as our principal is fluent in 3 important languages in NZ. English, Mandarin and Cantonese - the latter being important for the growing Asian language population in NZ.


We want to be the best. Therefore, we will always ensure your assets achieve the highest possible return and value over time.

Financial Background

With our financial banking background, we can assist you grow your property portfolio.