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Are you preparing to rent your first property? Congratulations! Becoming a tenant for the first time or moving into a new rental property is an exciting time. At RedHot Property, we have a unique range of services for tenants in New Zealand for a smooth and simple renting process.

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The Rental Process

The team at RedHot Property knows that renting a property can sometimes be a confusing and complicated experience. Our property consultants help you understand the process of renting, from applications right through to signing your lease agreement.

When you lease a property through us you have the added confidence of an experienced and well-connected team of industry professionals.

RedHot Property Management Ltd

Understanding your obligations


Our property consultants help you understand your obligations as a tenant.

Property Inspection

We go through all aspects of being a tenant, from paying your first rent and bond to preparing for a property inspection.

Needs Maintenance

We also help you understand what to do if something breaks, needs maintenance, or if you’d like to make a change to the property.

Lease agreement and Obligations

The legislation and rules around renting can be confusing, but we’re here to make it easy. We have a team of multilingual staff on board to ensure that you understand your lease agreement and obligations as a tenant in your language.


RedHot Property Management Ltd

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RedHot Property Management Ltd

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RedHot Property Management Ltd

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Useful Information

Don’t end up with nasty bathroom problems, or a clogged toilet. Simply follow these easy tips to keep your pipes running smoothly all year round! Not only will you save yourself a plumbing disaster, but are easy changes you can make to take better care of the environment.

The following 11 items are things you should NEVER flush down the toilet. (Spoiler: some of these might surprise you!)

  1. Bathroom Wipes

    Moist towelettes are a useful item to keep in the bathroom cupboard. We all have them! But beware - don’t treat them like toilet paper. These handy wipes have the potential to cause serious clogs and backups that you don’t want to have to deal with.

  2. Condoms

    They might seem small and harmless, but these latex items can cause havoc if you try and give them the flush. Consider the environment and your pipes, and throw your condoms straight in the bin.

  3. Cotton Balls and Swabs

    Another multi-purpose bathroom staple that the whole family uses. Cotton balls and swabs aren’t so great when they go down the toilet, though. Avoid major blockages by keeping a bin close by.

  4. Prescription Medication

    If you don’t need the rest of your medication, make sure you dispose of the remaining pills properly. Flushing them down the toilet can destroy bacteria and contaminate water supplies, having a devastating effect on the animal population.

  5. Paper Towels

    Paper towels arrant designed to break down when wet! Giving them the flush could cause some damage, not to mention some serious inconvenience.

  6. Cigarette Butts

    Remember, flushing the toilet at home effects more than just your household! When you flush a cigarette butt, you’re exposing our environment and all its critters large and small to toxic chemicals that can pollute their food and water supply. Think before you flush!

  7. Band-Aids

    Made of plastic, Band-Aids take a long, long time to break down. If they don’t clog your pipes first, they might end up somewhere that marine animals could choke on them. Next time, pop your Band-Aids in the bin for environmentally friendly disposal.

  8. Dental Floss

    Dental floss doesn’t break down as easily as you might think. It could catch on to other objects, snowballing into a big blockage that will be much harder to fix.

  9. Fats, oils and grease

    This may seem counterintuitive, but hot fats should never be put down the drain. When it starts to cool down, the particles congeal like wax. To avoid hard to clean blockages, make sure you scrape cooking fat and oils straight into the trash.

  10. Cat litter

    Cat litter is made from clay and sand, two things that are bound to wreak havoc in a plumbing system. Avoid contamination and blockages by throwing this stuff in the bin.

  11. Disposable Diapers

    While your baby uses these as their own personal toilet, they shouldn’t be put in ours. Diapers expand when in contact with liquid, so have pretty hefty blockage potential. Save yourself the trouble, and avoid flushing these.

    We hope that these insider tips will help you avoid trouble in the bathroom! Not to mention, avoiding flushing these items is a great, easy way to take better care of our environment. Make sure you check back here for more useful household tips from RedHot Property!